Monday, April 19, 2010

A friend of God

Once Moosa asked Go I wanna meet your friend. God said, go on that mountain you will find my friend. Moosa went there and saw a man in very bad condition. He has sore wounds all over his body. Smell was coming from there. Moosa saw him and turned away. He called Moosa, "You have come with so enthuse, you drawn in horn so soon, what is the matter?" Moosa aghast you are friend of God ! He answered yes. I am the lover of God. I am happy in every condition in which God wants.

Moosa asked anything that I can do for you. He said I had two wishes first is I wanted to meed you, that is completed and second is I wanna chilled water please get me that. As soon as Moosa turned for water A lion appeared and attacked on that man and killed him. Moosa said to God, He was your friend. God said he has done two mistakes. First is he had wished to meet other person rather than me. And second is if need water he must say to us. We produce fountain of chilled water.

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