Friday, May 13, 2011

Interview Questions NGR- 10

1) What is ManualReset event?
Ans : They are used to signal and non signal the waiting thread.

2) What is the use of dispose method?

3) What is connection pooling?

4) What is dipatcher?

5) Join Difference between eque join and self join?

6) Can we write return statement inside finally?
Ans : No

7) What is the use of background worker component?

8) What is Garbage Collection?

9) What us gen0, gen1, gen2?

10) Can we have destructor in C#?
Ans : Yes
11) All questions from Threading and Garbage Collection

12) If we have same method in two interfaces and we implement the same with them than how will you define that method in the class and how you will call that method?

13)If we written return statement in catch block will control go in finally ?

14) Where we use bubbling give me real scenario?
Ans : Gmail

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