Friday, March 2, 2012

Customize Context Menu

If you want to add some items in windows context menu. You need to edit registry.

Following step will guide you to add Notepad++( or other program) in your context menu. You can add another item as well.

1. Press Window Key + R
2. Type regedit and press enter.
3. Go to this path in registry and expand.


4. Right Click on Shell and Add a Key here

5. Rename it with your convenient name

6. Add another key here and rename it as command.

7. It will look as below after adding the key.

7. Double click on Default on Right side pane. And you will see following dialogue.

8. Paste your exe path in the text box and %1 also. It indicates that open that file on which user has right clicked.

I have paste this path. Your exe path may be different.

D:\RND Data\Imp Soft\NotePad++\notepad++.exe %1

9. Now click on Ok and "Open with Notepad++" added in your context menu.

Or you can simply download this file. Open it in Notepad. Change your exe path and item name, in this file item name is "Open with Notepad++" and exe path is "D:\RND Data\Imp Soft\NotePad++\notepad++.exe".

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