Friday, January 25, 2013


1. Difference between string and StringBuilder
Ans : Click Here

2. Difference between Readonly and Constant
Ans: Click Here

3. Difference between Stored Procedure and Trigger.
Ans: Click Here

4. Can we call trigger?
Ans : Trigger can't be called , it is automatically executed when we insert,update or delete a table row

5. What is Static Class?

6. Can we create an object of static class?
Ans No

7. Can a static class inherit another class?
Ans : No Detail

8 Can we call stored procedure inside stored procedure?
Ans: Yes Click Here

9. Difference between Interface and Abstract class.
10. What is AJILE technology?
Ans: Click Here

11. Can we call webscript with the help of javascript? What is the syntax?
12. What is the syntax for Stored Procedure?

13. How can we set Identity column to a particular value?
Ans : DBCC CHECKIDENT('table_name',reseed,30)

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