Tuesday, June 13, 2017


1.Difference between char and vachar and nvarchar
2.Difference between char(50), varchar(50) and nvarchar(50)
3.If we have taken an integer property and bind it to a text box and types some
string in text box than what will be the value of property.
4. Define Singleton pattern
5. What is attached dependency property?
6. If we have a glass of filled water how will you measure half glass
7. What is region in prism framework
8. How will you do constructor overloading while using unity container.
9. If we have two methods PrintEven and PrintOdd, How will you print sequenceial number
10. What is the role of dispatcher?
11. What is the difference between Dispatcher.Invoke and Dispatcher.BeginInvoke
12. If we call Dispatcher.Invoke with Proirity Background, is it similar to Dispatcher.BeginInvoke

13. Ques. How will you bind mousedown event in MVVM?
Ans. using EventToCommandBehaviour

14. What is the difference between Primary Key and Unique Key
15. What is the difference between user control and custom control
16. What is the difference between clustor index and non clustor index.
17. If you call usercontrol.Dispatcher and Application.Dispatcher than what is the difference
18. What are routed event?
19. In which tree routed event travel visual or logical
Ans Visual
20. Ques : How much memory a static method take
Ans :Depened upon variable declared
21. Can a static class contain instance constructor?
Ans No
22. Ques What is the use of IDisposable interface?
Ans No
23. If a class does not implemented with IDisposable can we still using it with using keyword?
24. How can we use region in prism?
25. How can we use single UI in multiple module?
26. Ques A function take two integer parameter first value is 5 and second value is 10 lacs, we need to sum all from 5 to 10 lacs.
Ans  This is an Arithmetic Progression so sum will be n/2(2a+(n-1)d)
27. How can you make a rounded button?
Ans Using radius property
28. While binding a property to any UIElement what should be the property access specifier?
Ans It should be public
29. Ques How can you do fire an action on two events like Enable and ReadOnly.
Ans using multi trigger

30. Ques.  While using command do we need to bind enable property or it is directly handled by Canexcute method.
Ans .  No need to bin Enable property. It is directly depend on CanExecute method.

31 Ques. Difference between heap table and clustered table in SQL Server

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