Friday, August 4, 2017

Managerial Round

What is your greatest strength?
What is your biggest strength?
What strengths would you bring to our company?
What are three strengths that you bring to this position?
What are your greatest professional strengths?
What is your greatest accomplishment or the project you’re most proud of completing? 
What do you do best in your current position? 
What would your co-workers say is your strongest area of expertise?
Work Under Pressure
Passionate about learning new things
Pay a lot of attention on details
Good Team Player
Goal oriented
Self Motivated
I Seek perfection while doing work which is not possible sometimes.
I find it difficult to say no who ask for help.
I am workaholic. If I am into work, I never bother about time because I want my work to be finished as soon as possible.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I definitely see my self employed within this company for the next 5 years and beyond. I feel my self with more knowledge and better skills at senior position while taking more responsibility and contributing growth of the company.
A valued employee of my company.

What are your short term and long term goals?
I have learned that long-term goals are best achieved when I break them into shorter goals.
My short term goal is to serve for my company by using my knowledge and skills and long term goal is create an identity for myself in my company.
My goal is to always perform at an exceptional level. But a short term goal I have set for myself is to implement a process that increases work efficiency.

My short term goal is I want such a platform where I can grow my career along with the organisation growth and my long term goal is to get a respectable position in your company and become an essential part of it.

What are three positive character traits you don't have?
Ability to socialize with anyone.
Being able to speak to an audience. I absolutely hate speaking to crowds.
Name three positive traits you already have.
User Submitted Interview Answers
1. One is my sense of humor, two is that I am good I am a people's person, three is I m always happy.   
2. Optimistic, positive, and excited.   
3. Confidence in speaking to the public, prioritization of tasks, decision making.   
4. Natural leader, reliable, highly motivated.   
5. Retail and HR management.   
6. Listening, communication, and easy going.   
7. I am very optimistic, I am organized, and driven.   
8. My work ethic, my sense of humor, and my leadership abilities.   
9. I believe there is always room to grow and better your personal traits. I would say problem solving, project managing, and root cause analysis. I have all these traits but there is always more learning.    
10. Strong work ethic team player proactive.
How would you gain your team's trust?
Tell me about a time when you have helped resolve a dispute between others.
How would you describe your work style?

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