Tuesday, October 31, 2017


1. What is Semaphore?
2. What are the features of C# 6.0
3. What is extension method?
4. What is difference between Lambda expression and LINQ
5. What is anonymous method?
6. What is mutex?
7. How will use session in WCF?
8. If two WCF service has name method than how will you handle?
9. What is model in database?
10. What is constraint in database?
11. What are the type of constrainte?
12. What is fault exception?
13  Can we use simple exception class in WCF?
14 What is the benefit using fault exception?
15. What is mocking?
16. What are the types of unit testing?
17 Which is better Labda or LINQ?
18. What is the use of delegate?
19 What are the type of delegate?
20 What is multicast delegate?
21 What is the role of owin in WCF?
22. How to manage role in WCF?

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