Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saxo Bank

What is shallow copy and deep copy?
2. How can we make deep copy?
3. If there are two threads one filling the queue and other one is consuming the queue. First one wait if queue is full second wait if queue is empty. Write the sudo code.
4. Write a program so that every user get updated value on their screen when some one update.
5. Which is fast 'in' and 'not in'?
6. How can we replace 'not in' something which is fast?
Ans : using inner join

7. If there is a grid which is fetch data from database is there any mechanism to push data into grid from database.
8. Design an application where every user screen changed when any user add some value.
9. What other methods need to override while overriding Equal method and why?
10. What is the benefit of xml serialization?
11. What is advantage of implementing IDisposable interface other than dispose method called while using in using statement.
12. What is race condition?

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