Monday, January 8, 2018

Angular 2

What is the lifecycle hooks in Angular 2?

What are the component in Angular 2?

How do You inject series in component?

How do You pass values from child to parent (vice-versa)?

How many pipes in Angular 2?
Ans : Features of Angular 2?

Implementation in Angular 2?

Code of component ?

How to show data from component to view

difference between observable and promises

subcribe , map and subject


where to do configuration for angular 2

is angular 2 will run without typescript
Ans : Yes.


data binding in angular 2

how to send data from parent to child  vice versa

pipes in angular 2

is constructor in component is the part of life cycle.


What is routing?
What are Filters in MVC?
Difference between Keep and Peek.

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