Thursday, March 29, 2018

Easy Ploicy


1.What is the difference between angulr 1 and 2
2.Why you have used angular 2 .any special reason.
3.What are directives.
4.Optimization of angular2 application
5. What is cors?
6. What are the parameter of cors
7. What is CLI?
8. What is the difference between null and defined?

Web Api
1. What are the http verbs available
2. Difference between http put and patch
3. Can we use put for insertion
4. Why we use post..whether for updating or insertion.
5. Attribute routing
6. Can web api return view?
Ans No
7. What are the return type in web api
  1. Void
  2. Any Entity/Datatype
  3. HttpResponseMessage
  4. IHttpActionResult
8. In which format we get the response in web api
9. How to implement the security in web api


1. MVC Application life cycle
2. What is routing and rerouting.
2. Custom view engine
4. Can we make our custom view engine
5. What is razor engine
6. How to implement custom validator in MVC
7. What type of validation are available in MVC
8. What is CSRF
9. Which interface is used for custom validator

1. What is closure function
2. What is difference between var and let
3. How to implement polymorphism in JavaScript
4. Prototype function
5.Interface in JavaScript
6. IIFY  function IN JavaScript

1. Why we use jquery
2. What is $.nocnflict function
3. Can we make our own sign instead of $
4. How many selectors in jquery

1. When to use interface and abstract
2. Which design pattern i have used
3. What is chain of responsibility pattern
4. Generics delegate
5. Tell me the name of few generics delegate

1. What is view
2. Can we perform insert update delete on view
3. Can we pass the parameter in view
4. If we can not pass the parameter in view then what will be we use
5. Can we create the non clustered index on primary key.
5. How to forcefully create the non clustered index on primary key
6. Why we use indexes
7. Difference between rank and dens rank.

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