Friday, April 8, 2011

Interview Questions -- RG-6

1) What about security in web services?
Never Implemented

2) How will you overload methods in web services?

3) What is the use of eval function?

4) What is XMLHTTP Object?

5) If you have two xml with same structure and we have to create single with distinct daata. How will you do that?

6) If there are duplicate rows in data table how will you get distinct row in ADO .Net and SQL server.

7) Have you used SQL Profiler?

8) Static vairables in C#?

9) Difference between Dispose and Finalizer/

10)What is clustered index?

11) What will you do improve the perfonace ofa page?

12) What is difference between dataset and DataReader.

13) If you have two millions rows in database than whihc one you will use dataset or datareader?

14) What is the use of yield keword?

15) What is dispathcer?

16) Which interface do you use in Remoting?

17) How will you use SOAP Header in Web Services?

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