Friday, April 1, 2011

Master Page Life Cycle

Page Life Cycle with Master Page

When we use Master Page in our application than it affects the Life Cycle of the page. There are two types of event one is for controls of the page and second one is for page itself. Controls event always fired before Page event except two exceptions cases Load and PreRender. These two events fired before controls corresponding event. Same is true for Content and Master, Master Page event fired before Content's event except these two cases.

1) Master Controls Init
2) Content Controls Init

3) Master Page Init
4) Content Page Init

5) Content Page Load
6) Master Page Load

7) Master Controls Load
8) Content Controls Load

9) Content Page PreRender
10) Master Page PreRender

11) Master Control PreRender
12) Content Control PreRender

13) Master Controls Unload
14) Content Controls Unload

15) Master Page Unload
16) Content Page Unload


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