Friday, March 11, 2016


HTML5- The latest version of HTML is HTML5, it comes in 2011. HTML5 come with multimedia support. Some previously used tags are deprecated in HTML5. Before HTML5 you need plugin to run some media file in HTML but now HTML5 introduces object tag. To make HTML to HTML5 you need to use following declaration

HTML5 required that HTML should be well-formed.
1.     Audio-Video Support: - In old used need to use Adobe Flash player to run a video but HTML5 has built in support for that.

2.     Offline Caching: HTML5 supports offline caching, If user has already visited the website that he load the website without internet connection.
HTML5 webmaster define which file will be saved on client machine. For offline caching you need to use manifest attribute like this



3.  Good Page Ranking: If page is not well structured than it will be difficult to read by any search engine. On the other hand a well-structured page is easy to read henceforth get a good rank.
4.  Game Development: HTML5 provide support for game development. It has canvas tag for that
5.  Geo Location Support:- HTML support GeoLocation, you can directly find out using new HTML5 GeoLocation API.
1. navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(GetPosition);
2. function GetPosition (pos)
3. {
4. $('#lbllocation').html("Your Latitude: " + pos.coords.latitude + "
6. Your Longitude: " + pos.coords.longitude );
7. }
 Mobile Optimization:- Good for mobile websites and applications. .     Make Markup that is easily readable by human.
Understandable by various devices like computer mobile etc
 ‘Required’ attribute.
 Autofocus attribute
 Case insensitive
 Web Workers: Web workers works same as daemon services that background worker in .Net. It runs in background of web browser instance. It does not affect the performance the web pages.
 Figure Element:- HTML5 provide a way to tag together image and its caption like figure and figcatption element.
DataList:- HTML5 provide a new element named datalist it work same as a editable combo box. It depict a predefined list of input elements.
If some type C in input box than list shows the all options starting with C.
Path Finder providing the turn by turn Navigation
Support for Regular Expression for input field

Support drag and drop with the help of following attributes

Draggable=”true”,ondragstart(On the element from where drag start)
Ondrop (On the element where the data is dropped)
The element to be dragged:
ondragstart="drag(evt)" width="300" height="50">
Container to which the dragged data will be dropped:

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