Friday, March 25, 2016

What is Windows Workflow Foundation?

.Net 3.0 introduced Window Work Flow Foundation. The main theme of WWF is separation of Business Process code and implementation.
A workflow model can be prepared in pure .Net, pure XAML, or mix of both.  A workflow model can be implemented in Windows, ASP.Net or Window Services. So workflow defined what is done and how it is done defined in traditional programming language.
Namespace System.Workflow contains all the necessary modules to develop Window Workflow.
Main characteristic of Workflow are:
1.       Visual Representation of Process.
2.       Easily modifiable at runtime
3.       It may be a long running process
Window workflows has two types.
1.       Sequential workflows : used for well-defined workflow, process workflow

2.       State Machine workflows: it is useful in a workflow where human interaction is required.

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