Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Competent Software

1. What is b Tree?
2. What is Binary Tree?
3. What is evil tree?
4. Design a database for name and multiple addresses
5. What is difference between function and procedure?
6. Write a function with Xml Documentation. Suppose you have to write a function for adding two numbers than what is the comment you will write above function.

7. Can we inheritance in structure?
Ans No

8. Can we have event in structure?
Ans Yes

9. Can we have delegates in structure?
Ans Yes

10. Can we have constructor  signature in interface?
Ans No

11. Write a LINQ query for an array.
12. What is Observer Pattern

13 Why can a .NET delegate not be declared static?

Try this:
public delegate void MoveDelegate(object o);
public static MoveDelegate MoveMethod;
So the method-variable can be defined static. The keyword static has no meaning for the delegate definition , just like enum or const definitions.

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