Wednesday, January 11, 2017


1. Can abstract class have constructor?
Ans Yes

2. What is the difference between Static class and Singleton object class?
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3. What is trigger in WPF?
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4. What property trigger in WPF?
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5  What is event routing?
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6. How do you stop event routing at particular control?
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7. Write a program to counts the occurrence of a particular number in an array.
8. How do you decide interface should be use of abstract class?
9. How do you ensure before write a function that it should be unit testable?
10. How many clustered index can be created in a table?
11. How many non clustered index can be created in a table.
12. How do you decide on which column index should be created?
13. Give me a real scenario where you have used dependency property.
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14. Have you used TDD (Test Driven Development) approach?
15. What will be the output of following query

Select * from Emp where 1=0

And what will be the output of

Select * from Emp Null=Null

16. Write a query to give maximum salary of every department from Emp table.
17 Difference between Factory Pattern an abstract Factory pattern.

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