Thursday, February 22, 2018


1. How to post a method in Web API?
Ans using HttpPost.
2. Routing in Web API?
3. Life Cycle of Web API?
4. Difference between get and post.
5. Post is cacheble or not?
Ans No
6. Exception Handling in WCF?
7. Merge command in SQL.
8. Difference between temp table and table variable.
9. In which we can use transaction (temp table, table variable)
Ans : temp table.
10. Difference between value type and reference type.
11. Difference between Pass by value and Pass by reference.
12. What is garbage collector?
13. What is Dipose method?
14. If a class contain both destructor and Dispose which will be called first.
15. How will you define explicit interfac?
16. When the static constructor of a class called.
classA obj = new classA()
17. What is boxing and unbosing?
18. Difference between equalto and ==
19. Difference between sub query and co related query.
20. How to validate field in MVC?
21. How can we make the object in java-script
22. Prototype function in java-script
Ans :

Window -- Document(Html Element) -- (Head and Body)

23. What is the hierarchy in DOM
24. How many ways we get the element in java-script


querySelectorAll (It is called CSS Selector also)
var x = document.querySelectorAll("p.intro");

finds the form element with id="frm1"
var x = document.forms["frm1"];

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