Wednesday, February 21, 2018


1. What is Agile?
2. What is scrum?
3. What are other framework in Agile?
4. What is story, epic and themes?
5. What story point?
Ans : It is the priority of story in terms of weightage ( It is in fabnicaony series)?
6. Why we give weightage in fibnocay series?
7. What is sprint and what is your sprint duration?
8. What is different between sprint and release?
9. Why did you use singleton in your project?
10. What is TDD?
11. What approach did you use Test first or code first?
12. There is biggest disadvantage of using TDD, what is it?
13. Have you worked on unit testing and integration testing?
14. What is D in SOLID principle?
15-- Why do we use dependency injection
16. What dependency injection have you used?
17. When do we use property dependency injection?
18. Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control
19. What IOC container you haev used?
20. What is the best conventional approach for dependency injection?
Ans using Reflection (most probably)
21. Difference IEnumerable and IQueryable 22. What will be sql query for IEnumberable and IQueryable using in Select statement?
22. What will you use array or arraylist in terms of performance?
23. Difference between char and varchar, varchar and nvarchar.
24. If there is a private constructor in singleton than how we are able to create object?
25. What challenges you have faced in your tenure?
27. What is .map of Rx?

28. What is

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