Monday, April 9, 2018


1. Can we write generic method without generic class?
Ans : Yes

2. In which case catch/finally will not executed?
Ans: Infinite loop.

3. How method overloading will in typescript?

4. What is partial method and what is the use ?
Ans : Partial method can be used when you are writing a third party library and want to user ccan write the definition of a particular method which you call on specific event. Than we define that method as partial and leave the definition upto user.

5. How to restrict a generic class taking only values type?
Ans :

public class GenericType where T:struct 

6. MVC application life cycle.

7. How view state id will maintain in ASP .Net
Ans :

8. What is ahead of time in angular 2?
Ans :

9. What is live,binding and delegate in jquery?

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