Monday, April 23, 2018


1. Join Vs In Vs Exist , make the priority performance wise
Ans Join Exist In
2. CTE advantage
And In memory representation of table, do not save in database
3. Temp table Vs Table Vairbale difference
4. Life Cycle Hook of Angular
5. What is sliding time expiration? How to kill cookie?
6. Func Vs Action
7. What is Java Script Closure?
8. Var Vs let 
9. Function Hosting
10. What is the role of Enumerator in IEnumerable?
11. AOT compiler?
12. MVVM and MVC difference
13. Mock framework and AutoFac?
14. Task Runner?
15. How to unit test http response in angular?
16. Dispose method?
17. Query Optimization technique?
18. Model Binder?
19. Http Helper in MVC?
20. Http Handler?
21. Action Filter ? and How o create custom action filter?
22. Commnication between controllar in MVC?
23. Delete Vs Truncate
24. Union Vs Union All
25. How to share service in Multiple Component?
26. Extension method? Advantage of Extension method?
27. What is directive and how to create custom directive?
28. Routing in angular?
29. Give an example of Open Close Principle?
30 Give an example of Interface Sgregation principle?
31. What is TDD , How to write unit test if we have CRUD operation of a table?
32. How to get value from XML if we have employee information in xml in C#.
33. Write a regular expression for mobile number validation.
34. Store Procedure Vs Function.
35. What is .md file in angular?
36. Can we overload private constructor?
37. Can we overload static constructor?
38. If have not call dispose method expicitly then what will happen.
39. What is async pipe in angular?
40. What is CTE?
41. What is the benefit of CTE?

42. Write the syntax of CTE?

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