Thursday, May 3, 2018

EC Info System 2

What is use of CTE
In which view we can not use DML statement
What is delayed execution
Where we have to create control in ASP .net so that it's view state would maintain
How to initiate printing action in ASP .net asynchronously
How to update database from data set?
Ans using Update method
What is other use of data adoptor other than fill data set.
Ans you can run queries with data adaptor.
What design pattern you see in ATM?
Ans. Abstract Factory while selecting account and chain responsibility while withdrawing money for selecting the note.

What is materlized view ?
What is index view?
How to extract date part from datetime string?
Ans cast the string in date type
Convert(date, getdate()).

What is the use of GetDate()?
Ans gives the current date time

What is lambda expression how to use it?

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