Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Answer for three Questions

Three man went to a scholar and asked three questions.

First Man : Allah can never be seen." Iit was impossible for a thing to exist and yet be invisible!

Second Man : Satan (devil) and Zin will be thrown in the inferno of Hell which will scorch him bitterly." "How was it possible for fire to hurt 'fire', the fact that Satan and zin was created from fire itself!

Third Man : Man alone is responsible for his actions and Allah(God) - the most powerful has nothing to do with his actions. How is it possible, when Allah alone guides the destiny of man without Whose will nothing can happen? Than why he will punish man for his wrong deed.

The Scholar got up, took some pieces of brick and aiming at them.

The Scholar was caught and taken before the Caliph for punishment. In his defence, he pleaded that he had done nothing else except reply to the three criticisms(questions) of them.

The Caliph asked him to explain as to how and why he chose to reply by hitting and injuring them.

The Scholar said, These man claims that if God is there, then he must be seen. They are now complaining of pain in their head due to the brick having hurt them. If the pain is definitely there, can they show me where it is? Well! just as pain can be there without being seen Allah also exists without being seen.

Secondly, they say that fire cannot burn fire. It is a fact that man is made out of clay and this brick with which I hit their head is also made out of clay, if clay can inflict pain and hurt clay, why can't fire do the same to fire?

The third thing they say that man is not responsible for his own actions but Allah does all things. If this is so, then why does they want justice from you and why does they want me to be punished for hurting him? They might as well transfer the punishment to Allah Who, according to him - is responsible for all the actions of man!

Everyone in the court was stunned at this and all three persons were dumb founded- having nothing to say. So the Scholar was released without any punishment.

If we can still believe in unseen things like air, electricity and human soul, why can't we believe in the unseen God?

If we are responsible for our actions and are to be punished or rewarded accordingly, then it is only fair and just that Allah should not manipulate or compel us to do things but leave us alone to act the way we see it fit, and be answerable for those actions ourselves.

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